CES is backed by a committed leadership team of thought leaders and decades of unparalleled expertise. Our team has an unrelenting focus on customer experience, collaboration, and teamwork. This commitment propels us forward as we extend our reach to help more businesses in the United States, delivering high quality projects for our Electrical and Energy clients.

Decades of Serving Our Clients

Who is Circuit Electric Services?

Circuit Electric Services, Inc is our parent organization, with over 28 years dedicated in the electrical contracting industry. Together, CES is dedicated to providing electrical and renewable energy solutions to government, and commercial clients throughout the United States. We provide full-service solutions in electrical, solar, generator power and battery storage with a specialized team of subject matter experts that deliver on quality, on time and complete turn-key solutions. These solutions have the ability to be fully managed and monitored for the life of the system, 24/7/365. Circuit Electric Services has been an electrical services brand that thousands of businesses have trusted. The company has grown organically through referrals and continues to grow its business via referrals by always following our company values.

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why we do what we do

Our Mission

At CES our mission is to lead the charge in the Electrical and Renewables industry by setting the highest standards for quality and reliability. We are dedicated to seamlessly integrate multiple energy solutions to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Committed to excellence, we strive to be the best company in our field, consistently delivering on time and exceeding expectations.

Our Core Values

We Keep It Real

We are honest and direct about boundaries, expectations, and outcomes.

We Commit to Growth

Embrace Feedback and New Ideas to Continually Improve.

We Adapt Well

Pivot to Problem Solving Mode When Challenges Arise.

We Come Prepared

Bring the Plans, Tools, and Materials to get the Job Done.

We Follow Through

Deliver on Promises and Make Things Right If We Fall Short.

We Empower People

Share Belief and the Tools to Spark Independent Success.

empowering our community

CES Gives Back

At CES, we believe in making a positive impact beyond business. Our commitment to social responsibility is reflected in the various initiatives we have been fortunate to take partnership in. Explore how we’re contributing to the well-being of communities and causes that matter.

Community Outreach
Discover how CES engages with local communities through volunteer programs, sponsorships, and partnerships. We believe in being active contributors to the places where we live and work.

Education and Empowerment
Explore our initiatives focused on education and empowerment. We are proud to offer Electrical and Renewable Lunch and Learn Presentations. CES is also proud to offer Intern and Mentorship programs, CES is committed to fostering learning opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential.