Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar projects cut energy costs, improve a company’s bottom line and contribute to a sustainable future. Solar is a smart choice for businesses looking to invest in renewable energy, make a positive impact on the environment while improving the businesses financials.
Commercial solar panels systems are individually designed, on-grid or off-grid solar systems for commercial buildings. CES designs, installs, maintains, and monitors commercial solar systems. We work with clients to calculate return on investment, apply for relevant rebates, secure solar system financing, and manage your installation project from start to finish including permits and inspections.

How solar can empower your business

Benefits of Commercial Solar

Lower your electricity costs

Lower your electricity costs and reduce your consumption from the grid by generating your own renewable electricity.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint, meet sustainability goals, and strengthen environmental and corporate social responsibility credentials by offsetting grid consumption with renewable energy.

Gain budget stability

Gain budget stability through predictable electricity costs and accurate forecasting of operating expenses.

Free up cash flow

Free up cash flow to reinvest into your organization or support local goals.

Generate revenue

Generate revenue by selling excess renewable energy to the grid through programs like net metering.

Monetize existing infrastructure

Monetize existing infrastructure by transforming your roof, ground space, or parking lot into a source of on-site renewable energy generation.

How Solar Works

Solar systems consist of four primary components: Solar panels, inverters, a distribution panel, and an electric meter. These components can be installed either on a roof or as part of a ground mount or carport working together to convert sunlight into electricity.

How solar can empower your business

System Types

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar installations present a compelling set of advantages for businesses aiming to harness renewable energy, by utilizing existing infrastructure.

Carport Solar

Carport solar systems offer a dual-purpose solution by combining shelter for vehicles with solar power generation.

Ground Mount Solar

This efficient and scalable solution offers optimal sun exposure, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power source for your commercial operations.

Purchase Options

Cash Purchase






Frequently Asked Questions

A commercial solar panel system typically has 96 solar cells that are 78” by 39”, while a home solar panel system typically has 72 solar cells that are 65” by 39”.
A commercial solar panel system is around 100 kilowatts (kW) – 10 megawatts (MW). Every commercial installation is different. Some contain more or less than 100kW, so it’s best to speak with a solar specialist to determine how many watts you need.
The length of time it requires to install commercial solar panels is between a week and a couple months, but it completely depends on the size of your project. Large warehouses or parking lot projects will require more time than a small brick-and-mortar boutique. There’s also various cabling and mounting infrastructure to consider for your specific installation process.
About 65% of commercial projects pay for themselves between five and ten years. But this depends on the size of your system as well as where you live. Each state has its own local rates. However, the more commercial panels you have, the more energy they will produce – saving you substantial money, regardless of your original purchase cost.

Most solar panels’ performance is guaranteed for 25-30 years, but panels will go on to produce electricity for longer than that. The first 30 years after your solar installation is considered the system’s “useful life”, but panels can still produce electricity for decades longer.

Scheduling an annual inspection with your solar specialist is highly recommended to ensure everything is working properly. Also give your panels a good cleaning. Dirt and debris can collect on your panels, especially during storms and long period without rainfall.

CES Warranty

At CES, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier solar solutions. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our warranty offerings. Our products are , sourced exclusively from industry-leading Tier 1 manufacturers.